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The Beauty of Louisiana Waterways, 2023

Artist Statement

As a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana this series is very personal to me. Just like many other places in the world there are good parts and bad parts. I have created this series to showcase the beauty that is hidden in plain sight. My series focuses on the natural and man-made wetlands of not only Baton Rouge but of the surrounding areas. It is meant to inspire and to show the beauty in nature. There are many abandoned places in Baton Rouge where algae, moss, and overgrown greenery have taken over.

The primary medium I used is oil paint. I would still consider myself a beginner because there is so much to learn about oils. Oils are my favorite because unlike acrylics it can be very forgiving. Majority of my paintings are from photo references I have taken. I take hundreds of photos and probably only select a few to use as references. Then I complete a few thumbnails, then the color studies. Before starting a painting, I have to get in the right mindset. Once I find a mellow playlist, I start by mixing up a few colors.

My hope is that this series brings hope and love back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the hidden gem that not many know about.

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